Never a dull moment…

We are all inspired by something…. Sometimes it stems from our senses; what we see, what we smell, the sounds off in the distance, and sometimes it comes from the backseat of the car in early morning school traffic.

In addition to being a clinical counselor, I am also a mother of two little girls ages eight  months and five years old.  There’s just something that is special about those early morning car rides with a sassy five year old and a baby that loves to laugh at her sissy! This morning was no different, as I listened to her elaborate plan for a vacation to Disney World.  In the same conversation she was asking for a dollar to buy ice cream.  My response was that I didn’t have any money on me but that she could use the $1 she was taking into school for a fundraiser.  She matter-of-factly told me that she had made a “tommittment” to donate that dollar and that’s what she was going to do-not buy ice cream!

This statement got me thinking about all the things we as parents say that we are going to do and then for whatever reason, don’t follow through. I remember talking to friends about the things I would NEVER do as a parent and guess, what?  We all do what we say we’d never do!  Life gets hectic, we get tired, and our high standards fall right down with us.  This is a truth that I try so hard to use as a positive in my work as a counselor.  I can empathize with parents and their struggles and I enjoy working towards solving problems and challenges that people face.

I truly look forward to sharing personal parenting experiences as well as professional scenarios that we could all benefit from.  If you have a parenting question or would like more information about a particular subject please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share!



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