Pregnant & Empowered- A Step in the Right Direction

Don’t let the “should-ers” dictate your pregnancy!  Don’t let the “must-ers” make you feel less in control! One of the million positives of being pregnant is the power you hold in your choices alone.

Speaking on a positive note, I have two children.  One is five and one is 8 months old.  With my first, I was younger, less opinionated (some people call it stubborn, I disagree) and I allowed the “shoud-ers” and “must-ers” dictate the decisions I made for myself and my baby.  So many women lack the confidence and the knowledge to make choices throughout their pregnancy that could ultimately be one of their defining moments as women and mothers. I made what I now consider as mistakes in not taking control over my pregnancy and delivery.  When it came time for baby number two I did my research and made it my ultimate goal to see my pregnancy through as a an empowered woman and mother that I was.

For the past year I have been doing extensive research on progressive parenting movements.  I have explored alternatives to the traditional approaches to parenting and shared my findings with other mothers who have been able to take control over their role as a mother. I am trilled to be able to pass along this knowledge to my client’s through Parenting Consultations so that they can feel confident about their parenting plan.

How much control do you want over your labor and delivery?  Some women do not implement their voice and allow the hospital to follow its plan.  Do you know you have choices?  Do you want the baby to have a bath right after delivery, how long do you want skin on skin contact with the baby, do you want the baby kept in the room with you the entire time, hat on or hat off, do you want your babies lab work etc to be done while she is with you…. these are just a few of the hundreds of choices that women have in their delivery process?

Do you know you have options other than a hospital?  Using a midwife is an alternative that is circling back around.  Years and years ago this was the norm and now it’s becoming more a part of the progressive parenting movement.  Midwives allow a more personalized, patient-centered process throughout the entire course of your pregnancy.  There are many myths and misconceptions about midwifery which are almost all false.  Reputable Midwife practices all have an MD on staff that is readily available should there be any complications.

Have you checked the cesarean rates and other statistics of the doctors and hospitals you are considering for delivery? You might be surprised that some hospitals and doctors average at 60% C-section rating.  I don’t know about you, but to me that’s just unacceptable!  I would advise doing your research before choosing a doctor or hospital and have a very frank conversation about your findings as well as your expectations of care for you and your baby.

Once that little bundle of joy arrives, then what!?!? How do you feel about immunizations, delayed immunizations, do you have a pediatrician chosen, are you going to breastfeed, if so, how long, are you going to use formula from the hospital, what are your expectations from when you bring the baby home, what will it’s sleeping arrangements be, what type of attachment would you ideally like to have with the baby, how are you going to utilize your supports, and are you prepared?  These are all questions that we sometimes chose to forego due to all of the other necessary things that need to be done before the baby arrives!  It’s important to spend some time planning so that you don’t feel overwhelmed at any point after the delivery.

The baby is here, and she’s getting SO big!  Have you been thinking about feeding alternatives, how about baby-led weaning as an alternative to purees and baby food, at what age will you introduce solid foods, will you skip purees all together, will you feed cereal or not, do you know that research behind giving babies cereal, and how can you incorporate baby meal time into your lifestyle?

You certainly have a bond with your little one by now, but how do you communicate?  Do you plan to anticipate your baby’s every coo, have you considered baby sign language, will signing delay speech, have you read the research backing up this theory, how much time will this take for babies to learn and implement, can my other children participate?  Baby signing is another component of progressive parenting that babies are fully capable of!  I have seen babies communicating over 30 words through sign by 7 months old!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  If so, that’s totally normal. There are so many things to consider when becoming a parent that it can easily become overwheling.  My goal as a counselor and parenting consultant is to offer others the knowledge to feel empowered in their role as a mother.  Everyone could benefit from a parenting consultation to discuss their options in parenting!  Consultations also make excellent gifts to mommy’s-to-be! Give them the greatest gift you can give-knowledge. Contact us if you would like more information!


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