Pre-Requisites for Counselors; Lawyer & CPA

Did you know that when you decided to become a counselor, you also decided to become a lawyer, a cpa, an analyst, a consultant, a teacher, a mediator, and a banker? Guess, what? Neither did I!

Coming up in my world are two in-depth workshops on starting a private counseling practice. My colleague and I have worked diligently on developing a two-day workshop that will offer people some structure and guidance as to how to develop their vision. I’m a firm believer in knowing the ins and outs before I start teaching others how to do it. I also feel as though I am very aware of my strengths and weaknesses as it relates to my professional career. For instance, I know I am great at marketing and developing community partners. I know I’m great with numbers and understanding how to make the most money in the smartest way possible. I know that I love helping counselors identify their strengths and set them off in the direction of a niche. I also know that what I’m NOT great at, is understanding lawyer and cpa lingo!

Over the course of the past two weeks I have dove deep into their legal jargon and cpa classifications to better understand what’s it’s like to grow a business beyond a private practice. I had a hunch that somewhere in a consulting session questions would be asked and I would be clueless. Although I have no problems saying, “I don’t know the answer to that,” I’d rather have the answer for my client!

So what happens once you have an established practice but you want to change it? Improve it, merge it, partner it, re-vamp it, add colleagues, add contract workers, become something different… then what? That’s what I’ve been challenging myself to do the past two weeks and boy have I learned a lot! I also believe that once I have managed to get my head above this water, I may have just found my niche. There’s just not a lot of consultants out there that I have found who specialize in this sort of thing.

As we are all born to grow and change, our business should also have that opportunity. I plan to use this blog to answer as many questions that I run into as it relates to growing and changing your private practice! Wish me luck!


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