What I don’t “take everyone” in my practice.

Wouldn’t it make more sense, and wouldn’t you  make more money, if you chose to have a practice where your slogan was “I see everyone.”  I suppose I used to think that was true until I tried something different.  One day I was workign and I recieved three hphone calls from poetential clients, all wanting to come and see me because of anxiety and panic issues.  I booked the client, scheduled the appointment, and then started preparing.
I knew the basic model to use when working with anxiety and panic disorder but I still didn’t feel completely confident in my work.  As my clientel was starting to change, I knew if their expectations were high, then mine had to be higher.  I started doing some research, A LOT of research. I found an author by the name of Dr. David Burns, MD.  Unknowingly, this man changed my practice.
I quickly became fascinated with this area of specialization.  I reall all his books, read lots of others’ books, spoke with some local physicians, conducted surveys, and before I  knew it I was calling this my specialty.  I changed my marketing approach, changed the structure of my sessions and my clients were seeing results.  Quickly.
Results is one of the reasons that I enjoy working in this area.  If treated correctly and with thought and care, a client can see tremendous results, sometimes immediately!  Of course the prognosis depends on many things but my own practice completely changed the way I look at anxiety.  As someone who has once suffered from panic attacks, I know how scarey they can be.  I also know the common thoughts we have about anxiety.  Most of us automatically think of life-long suffering.  What is now so liberating to me, and my clients, is to know that it does not have to be a life-long roller coaster that you can never get off of (thanks to one brave client for that analogy.)  Although the roller coaster can provide us with some security, it also negatively impacts our lives.  When you’re ready to get off the ride, you just raise the bar and step right out.
If you are suffering from anxiety and need some guidance, contact me for resources.  If you are a clinician and want to specialize your practice, I can help you with that too.