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Let’s face it, traditional therapy is not for everyone!

Consultations offer no long term commitment, solution-focused approach, minimal time requirements, and you leave with a plan to manage/solve your parenting problem!

If you need some help, looking for answers, need guidance in the right direction with your child,  a parenting consultation might be a good option!  Parenting consultations are a brief, solution-focused alternative to traditional therapy.  Take some time to read through the information below to see which alternative would be best suited for you and your’s child’s needs.


What is a consultation? Parenting Consultations are targeted for parents who are facing situational obstacles for example, potty training problems, failed behavioral plans, sleep training issues, teen concerns, toddler assertiveness, etc.  These are just a few of the many topics which are addressed in a consultation.  A consultation is one session- you leave with a packet of information, assessment results, appropriate behavior plans or other types of plan needed to correct the issue your child is having, recommendations, and any necessary referrals.

How can you get all of this done in one session? This is the great part about a consultation as opposed to traditional therapy.  When you call to discuss your parenting concern, the licensed professional counselor will assess your situation and send you a packet of information directly related to your case.  You will be asked to complete observations, screenings, assessments, data collection, and any other necessary information that will assist the counselor in planning for your consultation.  The counselor will score all assessments and other materials, analyze the data, review what has been tried and not worked and then come up with a plan for your child and yourself tailed for their specific needs.  When you arrive for your one session consultation, all of this information will be presented to you and discussed to make sure there is complete understanding of the recommendations.  If the child needs an evaluation, this will also be conducted at this time.  When you leave you will have professional recommendations and a plan on how to address you parenting concern!

How is payment received for this consultation?   Once you complete your packet of information you will send payment for half of consultation fee in along with all of your documents.  This is viewed as a “retainer” because keep in mind 75% of the work done for your consultation is behind the scenes scoring assessments, analyzing data and solution planning.  Some client’s prefer to send their full payment in at this time but 50% is only what is required.

Can you guarantee to solve my problem?  I wish I could!  I can guarantee a thorough assessment and recommendations for your case.  I cannot guarantee they will be 100% successful because I am not in the home with you making sure that all interventions are done correctly.  I will however, model these interventions for you and give you a comprehensive guide which should answer all your questions.  I want all my client’s to be successful and happy with their consultation!

What if ONE Consultation or Session is not enough?  Believe it or not, many times one session is enough! Some parents just need a starting point to implement what they think they should already be doing.  Some just need validation that what they are doing is right.  If in the event that one session is not enough you have options.  You are always welcome to schedule a second consultation at a reduced rate or you are able to transition over to the traditional therapy approach.

What is the traditional therapy approach?   Traditional therapy is used when it is not necessarily a problem that can be solved with just parenting interventions.  For example, a child who has been through a traumatic event would benefit much more from a regular therapy session.  When using your health insurance benefits, the insurance companies set guidelines on the length of time you can be seen, how the sessions are structured, paperwork that needs to be completed each session, and sometimes the number of sessions allowed. With that being said, when using insurance, it may take several sessions to achieve the same results as ONE consultation session!

How do I know to use Self Pay Vs. Insurance?  We encourage becoming very knowledgeable about your health insurance plans.  Know your deductible, out of pocket maximums, co-pays, etc. and then make an educated decision from that point. One advantage of self pay therapy or Consultation services is that there are no insurance restrictions on how the session should be handled.

Does insurance cover Parenting Consultations?  No, parenting consultations are not therapeutic in nature and 75% of the work for you consultation is done behind the scenes therefore insurance will not cover it.  If your needs are suitable for traditional therapy, insurance WILL cover that.  Consultation services are self pay only.  We do however accept multiple forms of payment: cash, check, visa, master card etc.

Are there any alternative to in-person consultations?  Yes, we provide consultations in several ways: phone, email, mail, skype, or in person!

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